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Here is what some of our parents are saying about us!

"St. Rose of Lima School teaches alot about Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic....but, it also teaches about faith and God...about respect and compassion for others...about helping in the community...the importance of giving back to those less fortunate. There are so many lessons to be learrned, and these are some of the characteristics that makes St. Rose the right choice for us."

"We chose Saint Rose of Lima School 9 years ago for several reasons: a small school community, tight knit "family" atmosphere, caring teachers, discipline and, most importantly, Religious education and teaching of strong morals and values. We have not been disappointed.  The students learn to respect their peers and accept their differences.  Mrs. Fuller and the faculty welcome and encourage parental involvement whether it be for a class field trip, volunteering at school or helping with the many social activities Saint Rose has to offer each year.  By the time they graduate from 8th grade, St. Rose students have the strong foundation they need to advance in high school wherever they choose to go."
Chris & Nazira Librizzi

"I sent my two boys through St. Rose of Lima school Jimmy and Bobby and it built an excellent foundation both spiritually and educationally for them and the experience they had there will never be forgotten. Thanks!"
Debbie Lineberger
District Manager/ Trainer

"St. Rose of Lima School is all about community. Steeped in faith, family, learning and service, the school is focused on developing students to be gracious, accountable and contributing members of the community. I couldn't hope for anything more for my children!"
Thank you,