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Parents as you register your children here at Saint Rose of Lima School and as our graduates will soon move on to their chosen high schools, I would like to thank you for choosing Saint Rose of Lima School. As you and I know you are your child's first educators.

You have instilled in them a responsibility and set a good example as a faithful Catholic follower of Christ. You take them to Mass. You pray with them and teach them to love God and give them the knowledge they need to be good Catholics. You and your child are an active part of the church and our school.

Thank you for showing the importance of being on time and being prepared for school. When you instill a love of education your child's grades soar to great heights. Thank you for supporting myself and the teachers this shows that school and education are important. The faculty and I appreciate your honest open communications with us.

Your children are successful and will continue to be successful due to the close relationship with your child's teacher and myself. We understand that each one of you sacrifice a great deal to send your child(ren) to Saint Rose of Lima School. We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives. We consider this to be a tremendous gift.

Please continue to call upon us with any questions or concerns. Remember we see the face of Christ in Your Child's Face.

Remember to See the Face of Christ in Everyone You Meet!
Mrs. Jeannine Fuller, Principal